Global Digital Patient Engagement

The first end-to-end modular digital communications Optimization platform for health plans and PBms


We Specialize In Health Information Technology

Helping build trusted relationships with patients to achieve better outcomes

High Volume Solutions

Millions of patient's records, billions of rows of data.  Highly scalable solutions.

Data Hygiene 

Thousands of automated data cleansing processes. 

Implementation Expertise

Customized implementations by experts with decades of industry specific experience.

Flexible Branding

Building trusted relationships for you and your customers.

Proven Track Record

Decades of experience providing institutional knowledge to meet clients varying needs.

HiTrust Certification

The gold standard in health information technology compliance and security management.


Decades of Experience and 45 Million Lives

Pioneering Health Information Solutions on Modern Technology Platforms

We are a health information technology company that for 20 years has been helping payors engage members to optimize the clinical and financial effectiveness of their programs through intelligent communications and measurable outcomes.


We Provide Healthcare Solutions With Powerful Technology.


No, we do not process claims nor manage network pharmacies.

We are a company that can use texting and many other technologies to drive your programs to success.

Our systems leverage your current programs, technologies, and vendors to improve performance and reduce cost.

Our systems support and augment clinical, economic, and behavioral programming and data management of many kinds.

We license our systems on a fixed rate basis and is dependent on the size, complexity, and duration of the program and systems involved. We would be happy to discuss the best and most affordable solutions for your needs.

RxEOB is a health information technology firm that for 20 years has been helping health plans and PBMs engage their members to optimize the clinical and financial effectiveness of their programs through intelligent communications.

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